Monday, October 27, 2008

Go Phillies!

I remember 16 years ago, sitting in my kitchen with my mother and brother making sweatshirts that said Go Phillies! Beat Toronto! Yes we made them with Iron ons and edge paint. We were by far the coolest kids at Lalor elementry the following day, with our homemade sportswear. The Phillies sadly did not win that year, but I find myself tonight watching the in Game 5 of the world series again, hoping for a World Championship. I have never seen Phillies win a Championship in my lifetime. And for my 80-year old grandmother, Mama, who is the biggest, die hard Phillies fan I know, I pray they win. She seriously knows the whole entire line up, who's pitching, what time the game starts, who's playing where and who is on the DL. Also for my father who is a hardcore Philadelphia Sports fan and who would probably disown me if I didn't follow suit. Just Kidding, maybe not ;)
So I do have to say...GO PHILLIES! I hope they take it in game 5 and if not, the next game!

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