Monday, September 14, 2009

My Quad Centennial

Yes, it has happened...I've turned 25 and for the first time I felt it, but I soon got over it.
My day turned out to be better then I thought...Chad took me to Princeton (I adore Princeton) for Lunch @ Witherspoon and my favorite pastry shop, Little Chef Pastry Shop, then a frap a walk and back home for some taco's and UPS. haha.
Ofcourse our Snow Boarding Gear came in, although I'm just not ready yet to let go of summer. But I'll take it!

My pouting which my husband said was prevalent since I woke up this morning.

The best husband ever (in my eyes)...This is his "Baby...seriously, put down the camera at the restaurant" face. hahahah

A quick picture out back just to remember how beautiful the day was<3>

My new gear ;)

Last but not least... I know that I have a TON to blog, weddings, babies, is a sneak at Marissa & Scott's Engagement Session<3


Anonymous said...

love that last picture!!! I have the same look your husband has with Dianne when she wont put down the camera!!

Gin said...

Happy belated 25th, Danielle (can you tell that I stalk your blog frequently?)!!! You and your husband are absolutely adorable, and what an amazingly beautiful shot of the engaged couple! As always, love your work, and keep'em coming!!!

Dianne Jago said...

Happy Birthday Danielle!!! I saw it on facebook the day before your birthday and didn't want to wish it to early, but now I guess I've wished it too late lol.

Anyways, what an amazing engagement shot! And I love the new insignia! You are and will forever be amazing :) Can't wait to see the rest of your stuff, I keep checking for updates!!

Marissa said...

Awwww, we made it to the blog!! :) We've gotten so many compliments on the engagement shots...especially the one we used on the save the date! YOU ARE AWESOME!! :)

ranjit765 said...

I think, the memories are the mirror by which we can see everything left in past as alive, always

Gudli Game said...

great.....keep it up......and keep posting....

if you get some time,please view my blog too...

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