Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Showers...

So the Bridal Shower wasn't in April but it was 3 days ago and today is April 1rst (April Fool's Day).
This past Sunday I and 4 other girls we're able to pull off an awesome surprise Bridal Shower @ Carlucci's Restaurant in Yardley, Pa. The Order of the Bridesmaids, Me, Aimee, Robyn, Katy and Kate put a lot of hard work and thought into Danielle's Wine themed shower. It was all well worth it for one of my favorite people! It was also fun planning and sneaking around with the girls. I had the honor of trying to get her to the let you know I am the WORST liar ever. Really. My friends know this, therefore everyone was on there toes about my being able to pull it off and well.....I DID! Wooo whoo. She had no idea and was completely surprised.
Here are some of the Shower details:


If you thinking cute and wondering what some of the stuff is...The ice cubes in the buckets do have roses frozen in them! They are fake roses but they turned out beautiful. I was so proud of them and I feel like it added a little unique touch. I didn't even think that once the ice melted they would be floating and look just as great, or that the guest would use the ice cubes in there glasses and once them melted they looked adorable floating in everyones glass. I got the idea from Vintage Glam Weddings where you can find out how to DIY or you can find tons of DIY projects on their awesome blog. The little purse, they are wine stoppers! And the little photo hangers that were on everyones plates were my own little project, which I used all their engagement photos I took (click to see their slide show).


Soon-to-be "Mrs. Strock" said...

My bridesmaids are seriously the best! Thank you for all your hardwork and prep in making this day so special. Trying to surprise me is always a hard task and you girls totally pulled it off! There were so many creative details that made it personable and beautiful - I appreciate all of you and what you girls did! Such a memorable day that I will cherish for a lifetime. Love you all <3

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