Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Skills Run In the Family


Here is another one of the adorably cute Dianne and Ethan...
Now I know some of my brides, past, present and future check this thing and I have to tell you that I did not take this photo, but I love it, this photo is compliments of my Father, most of you know that he is my second shooter at most weddings and taught me what I know. Well you see... skills run in the family ;)
Love you Dad.
Leave some love with comments and let him know what you think.


istewart said...

What an awesome picture! Great job. Many thanks (again) to you and Danielle- Dianne's Mom

Anonymous said...

To Dianne's Mother,

Thank you for the kind comment. It was very easy shooting Dianne and Ethan! We really could not have taken a poor picture of them -even if we tried! They are a very good looking couple and more importantly they are beautiful people inside as well - which is indicative of the way they were brought up! I'm sure that you are proud them.

good luck and be well - Glen (Dani's Dad)

GWH said...

Danielle - Love, love, love your work... skills really do run in the family! As always, great attention to detail and love your eye for great background/scenery.. You guys are an awesome duo, and I cannot wait to have you both at my wedding!

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