Friday, November 14, 2008

Sick Day...

My husband and I have been sick all week. Not fun at all! After 2 wonderful client meetings, editing, designing, brainstorming, researching and organizing. I decided to have a sick day, which ended with me on the computer anyway, then me getting bored. So out came the photo booth on my beloved iMAC. The photo booth never fails to make me laugh at myself or other people. I should actually make it a weekly posting, I have so many hilarious photos of friends and family entertaining themselves on my photo booth, I just may have to post one a week ;)

Sick Puppies

I laughed out loud...really.
I had time to take a quick dip in the beautiful ocean...
Hi from the moon.
I jetted to Paris real quick.
and went on a rollercoaster too!

I leave you with a normal one. About to finish cleaning...not as fun as the rest.