Friday, November 14, 2008

Get Simple...

In October Photo Expo Plus was in NYC, which meant top notch wedding photographers from all over made a trek to the city. And with that they held seminars, get togethers and all sorts of fun stuff for photographers to geek out about. So I took the train up to the city and had the awesome opportunity to take part of the GET SIMPLE seminar with Kevin Swan and Mike Larson. I can't tell you how much insight I took away from this long day. My business has changed a little, from the way I do things to my outlook on just about everything. I met some wonderful people and not only got to meet the Founder of Kiss Wedding Books (which is my favorite album company, the one I swear by and the only one I use) but I got to learn from him and have conversations with him. They are awesome for what they do, their costumer service and the passion they have for this industry. Pretty much...I was geeking out.

Catherine taking it all in.
Kevin Sharing his wisdom.
Learning from Mike.Shooting!