Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Old time photos...the real thing.

I know it's late, I just got done a project, one thing to cross of my list, 100 to go.
As I was scanning a gazillion and one photos for a secret x-mas present for someone. I came across old photos of my family. Some extremely old. Photographs really do amaze me, in every way. I love them(I'm glad I do since I am a photographer). They essentially hold on to one moment in time. Cameras capture history. They give people the ability to look back into the past. To remember their own history, to learn others. This holiday season, take any camera you have, even a disposable and document it.

Here is a few pictures I found. Over the holiday I will be posting some others...

This picture was taken 64 years ago in 1944. My grandmother @ 16, she is now 80.
This picture was taken around the same time, most likely the same year. My late grandfather in his Army uniform during the 40's.
I have another picture of my other grandmother, but I still have to scan it, then I will put it up.